Thank you all for your good job and your nice feedbacks!

Un antrenor profund și dedicat în tot ce face.

Orele de sport desfășurate sub atenta îndrumare a lui Victor Melnic au fost foarte benefice atât asupra corpului meu cat si a mentalului.
Mi-a plăcut foarte mult metoda inedita si non invazivă a lui Victor de a încuraja persoanele spre a face sport.
Competenta, devotamentul si punctualitate sunt calificative ce le-am admirat foarte mult la acest antrenor pe care il consider unul din cei mai buni pe care i-am avut.
Deasemenea as vrea sa Menționez si acea sete de cunoaștere a lui Victor Melnic atat
in domeniul sportiv cat si social pentru a îndruma persoanele spre un un stil de viață plăcut si sănătos.

Tatiana Buzdugan

Bien plus qu’un coach sportif

Victor est bien plus qu’un coach sportif. J’ai commencer avec lui en 2019 pour 4 mois à la base et là cela fait 5 ans qu’il me suit. Victor m’a fait reprendre goût au sport en créant un programme sportif adapté à ma condition physique de l’époque. J’ai pu évoluer et apprendre à me dépasser progressivement en respectant mon corps. Victor a trouver la parfaite combinaison du coaching physique et mental. Il est toujours à l’écoute et arrive à supporter mon caractère qui nest pas toujours facile durant les coachings. Grâce à lui, J’ai gagné en force mais également en respect de moi-meme. Maintenant après tant d’années, J’ai la chance de compter Victor parmi mes amis.


« If it’s not challenging you, then it will not change you » : Coach Victor

I embarked on my journey to go the next level with coach Victor after being regularly visiting the gym for 3-4 months and I felt the need to push myself to go that extra mile and did I make the right choice? Surely, it was perhaps the best decision I took to collaborate with Coach Victor. His fitness programs are conventional and really effective and the way Coach Victor amends your fitness program assessing how your body progresses is compared to none. He really pushed me to another level which I would have never thought about. He is kind, passionate and understand and pushes you to believe in yourself while exercising and taking care of your well being.

Coach Victor has super effective workout regimes and exercises for your body and one can easily adopt most of them while working out on their own and that is something Coach Victor tries to impart that his trainees learn the technique in a proper way to do a certain exercise that they can carry on effectively once the training tenure with him is over. During and after the training sessions we used to discuss a lot about sports as we both are sports freak in a way. Do come to watch a cricket game sometime and we need to plan to play tennis together Coach ;). He keeps you totally upbeat during the sessions which also helps you mentally not just during the training but in a overall sense too 🙂

Some of the most intense sessions I had with him were the best ones as those sessions really made me realize till what level I can push myself and overall I feel great and strong. I will definitely be staying in touch with Coach Victor in the future and I wish him all the very best in all his endeavors. Just think about this quote when you feel are getting drained during a session « It may hurt you today, but you will be stronger tomorrow »

Carry on the amazing work you are doing coach!!!!

Arshvir Singh

Victor Melnic: The Coach Who Changed My Game

Stepping into the training zone is no small feat. It’s all about that mix of drive, progress, and smarts. Being new to the whole thing, I dived in headfirst, training like there was no tomorrow until I ended up sidelining myself. I was all go, no slow, without really knowing what I was doing. Then along came Victor. This guy isn’t your run-of-the-mill trainer; he’s a gem of a human with a wealth of knowledge on how everything—body, mind, spirit—ties together. Victor’s the kind of person you can count on for advice that’s not just about getting fit, but about transforming your entire life. With his guidance, I’ve managed to stick to my training routine and have seen some real changes. It’s not just about looking better (though that’s a nice bonus), but feeling stronger, inside and out, and acting like someone who’s got their stuff together. Victor’s always a text away, ready to drop some wisdom or just check in. Having him as my coach has been a game-changer for me.

Zik Coronado

growth and a boost in confidence

Meeting Victor was a game-changer, and I owe my current results and mindset to his guidance! His magnetic strength, genuine desire to impact lives, and his kindness make him stand out. My fitness journey was made easier by the expertise and nice atmosphere. Thanks to him, I was able to master new workouts and gain a whole new level of self-confidence at the gym. Beyond activities, the individualized approach to my goals revealed a genuine knowledge of my fitness journey. The commitment to achieving my objectives is nothing short of outstanding. Can’t express enough thanks for making the gym such a cool place for me.
Thanks a lot, Victor :))

Deniz Eren

Perfect combination of professionalism and kindness

When I first met Victor (signing-up for a gym coach for the first time ever), I was not sure if I would manage to do the package of 10 sessions. Some 3 years and more than 200 sessions later, I am pretty sure that I want to continue further! Always well-prepared, attentive, caring, supportive and motivating, Victor makes me look forward to every session at the gym. In short, I can not recommend (and thank) him enough!


SUPER ! (Supportive, Understanding, Passionate, Expert, Reliable)

This is the first coach I’ve ever worked with and I felt immediate empathy. He really was concerned about my wellbeing and about me being able to reach my goals.
He’s a really great guy, very encouraging and motivating. He’s pushing you so that you can turn into the best version of yourself.
He’s also a very pleasant and funny guy that’s also very open minded. In my situation, due to a lack of income, I am only able to ask for a session or two a month, but he was able to adapt so that I would have exercices to work on in between my sessions with him which he would them help me improve and/or correct during our following session together.
He’s also really eager to help you get better and is available to answer your questions whenever he has some free time. He really makes you feel like a friend that wants you the best, rather than just a client.
It’s really thanks to him that I’ve been working out for the past two years, as I would have probably given up along the way without him and I really want to thank him for all of that.

Nicolas C.

Kindness, challenge and results.

Victor is a great guy!
This guy is magnetic by his strength, his strong wish to have an impact on people’s life and his kindness.
I’d never have reach the results and the mindset I’ve now without meeting him.
Thanks a lot витя!


Develop habits to achieve goals

I learned to enjoy working out with Victor. He is simply the best coach ever. He shows me the power of discipline to achieve goals and how good habits can change your life.
I just can’t imagine my life now without exercising my body and mind.
Victor you changed my life. Thank you.

Carolina Andrade

Friendly and professional

Coming to Brussels as an expat, I really wanted to focus on my fitness and wellbeing. I was lucky to get an intro training session with Victor at my local gym. Since then I have not looked back . Victor ensures he tailors the training to my needs and goals and keeps the work outs varied and fun. He makes sure that I am challenged but still makes the work out enjoyable and worth while. Victor has been my trainer for 6 months so far – I look forward to the sessions each week, as I have learnt so much from him about exercise, fitness and leading a better life. I already feel and look much more fit and confident than when I started. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to transform themselves and lead a more fit and healthy lifestyle! Keep up the good work Victor!


« Be strong, mate »

I met Victor in a Life coaching cursus. I was looking to get back into shape. I knew he was a sports coach. I sensed his determination and sense of humour, so I asked him if he would take me on as a coach.

After 6 months, I feel so much better. I’ve lost weight. My body is more toned and supple. Victor pushes me to go beyond my limits. But he makes sure I don’t go overboard. The icing on the cake is that Victor has a sensitivity that allows him to empathise and listen.


Perfectly tailored to your needs

I have always been allergic to the idea the gym to do weights/resistance training. With victor I have realised the importance of it. Vikto is a fantastic coach – he adapts to your needs while pushing you to the limit. He is also a very nice and interesting guy. I still don’t exactly look forward to my weekly session with him – but I’m always very happy I went!

Giles Keane

JUST DO IT (with Victor) !

Victor is a passionate coach, who truly believes in the power of training your body and your mind to achieve any goal. When you set a target with him, you will reach it. Week by week, we built a professional relationship based on trust and friendship, that helped me taking care of my physical and mental health. His many years of experience set high standards of quality in every session planned.
He will push you to your limits, and you will discover how much you can do if you are consistent and determinate.
« DAVAI »!

Maria Giulia S.

Power and Passion

I am infinitely grateful to Victor for his professional and personal help and can only warmly recommend him to anyone in professional retraining or starting a business. An attentive coach, attentive, direct and involved in the success of his clients! THANKS !


Discipline et performance

Victor est le coach le plus discipliné que je connaisse.
C’est un passionné avec qui s’entraîner est un réel plaisir. On va chercher ensemble les performances tout en maintenant un haut niveau de rigueur dans l’entrainement, ce combo parfait permet d’évoluer tout en étant motivé à chaque séance.
Si vous cherchez à progresser dans vos objectifs de manière efficiente et à augmenter vos performances sportives, c’est le coach qu’il vous faut.


Motivation, écoute et dépassement de soi

Je m’entraîne avec Victor depuis maintenant 7 mois. Je n’avais jamais pratiqué de sport auparavant et avais (ai…!) un long chemin à parcourir. Victor a pris le temps de comprendre mes objectifs et d’évaluer mes capacités, pour me proposer un programme adapté. Les sessions sont préparées avec sérieux, et les excercises sont toujours personnalisés, de telle manière qu’on se sent toujours tiré vers le haut ! Je ne peux que constater mon évolution et les progrès depuis le début du coaching.
Victor est un passionné, et réussi à transmettre cette énergie dans les entraînements ! Dépasser ses limites, oui, mais toujours dans le respect de soi et de son corps, et ça, Victor en est le garant.
Il faut également noter que Victor est super flexible et essaye toujours de s’adapter au mieux en fonction de la demande.
Petit bonus : on rigole bien!
Bref, je suis ravie de l’avoir rencontré, et ne compte pas m’arrêter en si bon chemin! C’est le coach parfait 👌


Motivational and a great coach

Victor is encouraging, motivating, and very thorough with his explanations and visuals to demonstrate proper technique and form to ensure you are safely and effectively achieving your fitness goals. Victor challenges you and is right by your side guiding you along the way.
Victor makes training fun and interesting. He always seems to find new routines and exercises to keep me working hard and stop me from getting bored. You become forgetful of how hard you’re working when completing his challenges! He’ll offer encouragement when completing your final reps and make sure you complete the tasks. The service of coming to your home and training online is highly convenient, as I never know when my schedule is going to change. I would thoroughly recommend Victor if you want to stay motivated, build strength, and feel healthy overall. He’ll hold you accountable and keep you consistent.


Entraînement engagé et ciblé

Lorsque je suis arrivé à Bruxelles il y a près de trois ans, j’ai cherché un moyen d’améliorer ma condition physique de manière ciblée pendant la période de Corona. Avec Victor, j’ai trouvé le coach idéal. En partant de mes capacités et de mes objectifs, il m’a élaboré un programme sur mesure qui m’a mis au défi, mais sans me dépasser. Il m’a montré que même à 60 ans, on peut encore faire beaucoup de choses sur le plan sportif.

Et, ce qui est également important pour moi en tant qu’Allemand, Victor a toujours été super professionnel : ponctuel, bien préparé, concentré et engagé. Mais cela ne veut pas dire que nous ne nous amusions a l‘entraînement. Vraiment a recommander!

Udo Valentin

Great results guaranteed!

I have trained with Victor for one year and the results speak for themselves. My 40+ benchpress record increased to 115 kg. Victor is a great motivator and keeps adjusting the training to your needs. In addition to being a great coach, Victor is also great fun to spend time with in between the sets. I can recommend training with Victor to everyone.


Determined and dedicated! Individualized and tailor-made approach!

Working out with Victor really changed my approach towards exercising in general – thanks to Victor, exercising became my healthy necessity, habit, routine and above all – fun! Victor has a very individualized approach to each client and is fully dedicated to each one of his clients! He helped me with few injuries that I had by applying tailormade approach.
Not only that I see clear results of trainings with Victor, but I am also very motivated to progress constantly! Highly recommended for everyone, whether you are starting the gym or you are already a « gym pro »!


Passion and perseverance

Source de motivation pour atteindre mon objectif,mais également une personne humble,sage et attachante💥

Martin Bechir

A reset in physical and mental outlook and approach

Victor coached me for approx 2 years. In this time he helped me to develop significant changes to my lifestyle that have been long lasting. He helped me to achieve physical feats that I could never do before. He also showed me a good attitude to life , as well as fitness, that I could learn from. Victor is an excellent coach and a very motivating person to spend time with.


Coach sportif, coach de vie !

Victor est un vrai pro ! Il te fait évoluer au rythme qui convient à ton corps et ton esprit. Tu ne te blesseras pas, tu te renforceras ! Tu découvriras une nouvelle force physique et grâce à sa motivation et sa bienveillance tu seras capable de pousser tes limites. Toujours en douceur, avec un vrai professionnalisme qui le caractérise ! Après 2 ans, je continue de le voir 2 jours par semaine. Au delà du sport, Victor est un vrai coach à l’écoute. Je suis heureuse d’avoir croisé sa route.


Pure energy!

Хочу выразить огромную благодарность моему тренеру Виктору за его профессионализм и поистине индивидуальный подход! За почти год тренировок моё тело и моё мышление значительно изменилось к лучшему. Каждая тренировка отличается от предыдущей, и всегда на волне позитива! Требовательный и сильный, но при этом очень добрый человек с хорошим чувством юмора. Очень рада, что занимаюсь именно с ним!

El Luiza

Ténacité + Passion + … = Victor

Malgré une activité sportive régulière, j’étais arrivée à une certaine stagnation. Apres réflexion, me suis jetée à l’eau en faisant appel à Victor. Il est exceptionnel autant sportivement, qu’humainement. Victor est passionné par le sport & le bien être général et a soif de le transmettre. Il établit un programme avant chaque séance qui amène son lot de diversification d’exercices, adaptés à mes capacités et objectifs. Toujours en restant pédagogue et à l’écoute, Victor pousse mes limites un peu plus loin à chaque fois et me fait évoluer. Il m’accompagne dans les exercices de A à Z (respiration, bonne exécution et motivation). Son encadrement m’a permis de retrouver une discipline sportive et alimentaire, et de voir ma progression au fil des mois.


Passion and good teacher

Victor helped me a lot when I first came to the gym. He explained to me how to schedule my sessions, what exercises to do and especially how to do them correctly. We see that he is passionate about what he does and he is an excellent teacher.


Professional and needs-targeted training

I have started training with Victor during the pandemic (in the park) to compensate for lack of exercise and to tackle a nagging knee pain. Since then, I have managed to get myself into exercise mode, my knees are being strengthened at each training session and, above all, I feel healthy. I also feel safe training with Victor as he knows how to calibrate the weight and exercises – I see it with the way we progressively work on deadlifts and push-ups, for instance. I also appreciate the different targeted exercises and equipment, beyond the weight machines at the gym, which is an extra added value of having a coach. Therefore, all I can say is that I am enjoying this training journey thanks to Victor and I believe that it is the best investment in myself to stay healthy and fit.


Best motivating coach ever for mental and phyical strength

I tried many times in the past to find a good coach that suited me. But most of the times, coaches were on their phones, waiting to cash in the few exercises foreseen in the session. From the first day I met Victor, he showed interest in the person that I am and the ambitions that I have, revealing in me a very sporty and competitve side in me that I had long buried. Since 2 years now, he transformed me physically – we are not there yet but on the right path – and mentally, as I gained so much more confidence and self-esteem. Victor is right there by my side , coaching me, motivating me, cheering me up at every step, as if he was in my shoes. I will never thank him enough. He changed my life and made me believe in my dreams and objectives.


Détermination et mental

Je n’avais jamais travaillé avec un coach sportif auparavant, mais j’ai été immédiatement impressionné par la passion et la détermination de celui-ci. Sa vision claire de mes objectifs m’a inspiré et motivé à atteindre des niveaux de performance que je n’aurais jamais cru possibles. Il m’a encouragé à me concentrer sur mon mental autant que sur mon physique, et cela a eu un impact profond sur ma vie en dehors du sport. Je suis reconnaissant d’avoir rencontré ce coach extraordinaire, et je le recommande vivement à quiconque cherche à devenir la meilleure version de soi-même.

Michael H.
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