SUPER ! (Supportive, Understanding, Passionate, Expert, Reliable)

This is the first coach I’ve ever worked with and I felt immediate empathy. He really was concerned about my wellbeing and about me being able to reach my goals.
He’s a really great guy, very encouraging and motivating. He’s pushing you so that you can turn into the best version of yourself.
He’s also a very pleasant and funny guy that’s also very open minded. In my situation, due to a lack of income, I am only able to ask for a session or two a month, but he was able to adapt so that I would have exercices to work on in between my sessions with him which he would them help me improve and/or correct during our following session together.
He’s also really eager to help you get better and is available to answer your questions whenever he has some free time. He really makes you feel like a friend that wants you the best, rather than just a client.
It’s really thanks to him that I’ve been working out for the past two years, as I would have probably given up along the way without him and I really want to thank him for all of that.

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