« If it’s not challenging you, then it will not change you » : Coach Victor

I embarked on my journey to go the next level with coach Victor after being regularly visiting the gym for 3-4 months and I felt the need to push myself to go that extra mile and did I make the right choice? Surely, it was perhaps the best decision I took to collaborate with Coach Victor. His fitness programs are conventional and really effective and the way Coach Victor amends your fitness program assessing how your body progresses is compared to none. He really pushed me to another level which I would have never thought about. He is kind, passionate and understand and pushes you to believe in yourself while exercising and taking care of your well being.

Coach Victor has super effective workout regimes and exercises for your body and one can easily adopt most of them while working out on their own and that is something Coach Victor tries to impart that his trainees learn the technique in a proper way to do a certain exercise that they can carry on effectively once the training tenure with him is over. During and after the training sessions we used to discuss a lot about sports as we both are sports freak in a way. Do come to watch a cricket game sometime and we need to plan to play tennis together Coach ;). He keeps you totally upbeat during the sessions which also helps you mentally not just during the training but in a overall sense too 🙂

Some of the most intense sessions I had with him were the best ones as those sessions really made me realize till what level I can push myself and overall I feel great and strong. I will definitely be staying in touch with Coach Victor in the future and I wish him all the very best in all his endeavors. Just think about this quote when you feel are getting drained during a session « It may hurt you today, but you will be stronger tomorrow »

Carry on the amazing work you are doing coach!!!!

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